Center for Media Studies (CMS)

Center for Media Studies (CMS)

With the advent of new technologies and convergence in media realm, the scope of Mass Communication has going to be changed rapidly for the communication been significantly spreading its wings. The whole world is revolution of mass media only. Mass media in India (including other parts of the world) has been going through revolutionary developments since the beginning of 21st century.

A professional course in mass communication opens doors for a career in various fields like reporting, editing films & TV production, publishing, public relations, advertising, journalism, direction, filmmaking, script writing Radio anchoring and so on. In a nutshell, Mass Communication widens up the wings of career options for a person. Depending upon personal interest and inclination, a mass communication professional can choose a job.

To fulfill this objective, Center for Media Studies, D.K.College, Mirza has introduced One Year Diploma in Mass Communication and B.A. in Mass Communication (BMC) in the year 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 respectively. It has been designed to provide students with a firm grounding in communication skills. It aims to develop the ability for critical thinking and creativity and to give the students an opportunity to combine the theoretical curriculum with practical applications through detailed research, lucid writing skills, oral presentation skills and a mastery of various mass communication media available in our global information era. Through curricular, extra-curricular and internship activities, the Department will help students to build a broad understanding of the role of mass communication as a discipline in the present society. The Mass Communication programme will provide students with a well-rounded understanding of the field of Mass Communication while allowing for the acquisition of an in-depth understanding of Print, Electronic, Journalism, Rural communication, Film Studies, Cultural Studies etc. Students can enjoy the practical knowledge of this field with our media Partner industry; i.e Pratidin Time, a leading satellite news channel and, an online community newspaper.

  • To produce qualitative and trained up Journalist and media person.
  • To create a research environment in this genre for preserving Folk culture of Assam & NE.
  •  To become hub of all media related activities in the NE region.
  • Hi-tech Digital lab
  • Smart Class room
  • Sound Studio
  • Free Media tour
  • Internship in Media and related industry
  • Scholarship for every student
  • PD & Grooming

Eligibility: Students who have passed the. H.S. examination in Arts, Science or Commerce. Students having reasonably good knowledge in English will be given preference.