Botany Department

Department of Botany
D.K. College, Mirza

Personal Profile

Balen Chandra Das

Department: Botany
Designation: Associate Prof. and Head
Qualification: M.Sc., M.Phil
Specialization: Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding
Academic Interest:

  • Teaching; Special Interest in Plant Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Administration
  • Literary interest
  • Participation in Training Programme on Plant Tissue culture at TERI, New Delhi

Karuna Kanta Das

Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Sc., M.Phil.
Specialization : Angiosperm Taxonomy
Academic interests:

  • Teaching Learning activity; interest in plant identification(Angiosperm taxonomy), ethnobotany, plant physiology.
  • Fifteen years research experience as principal investigator in the field of Eco-taxonomical works (Aquatic angiosperm, mural plants, medicinal plants, plants of economic potential, ethnomedico plants etc) under Minor research project sponsored by UGC.
  • Interest in writing articles in magazine and newspaper; writing and publishing books for H.S and degree classes.
  • Published research papers.
  • Participated in seminar, workshops and various training programme.
  • Involved in building up of traditional and virtual herbarium.

Dr. Durlav Narayan Singha

Present position : Assistant Professor
Academic qualification: M. Sc., B.Ed., Ph. D
Subject Specialization: Higher Plant Ecology
Areas of work: Ecology, Exploration and documentation of indigenous uses of plants
Subjects of Teaching: Present – Algae, Gymnosperms, Cytology, Plant Breeding, Embryology, Ecology, Bioinformatics
Social outreach project/ activities:

  •  Vermiculture and mushroom cultivation for employment generation and income generation.
  •  Promotion of indigenous uses of different plants.
  •  Environmental awareness programmes.
  •  Ex situ conservation of orchids
  •  Waste management and resource utilization

Professional experience: Teaching – 16 years (From 2000 till date) Research – 10 years, since 2002 till date (concurrently with teaching)
Profile of professional experience:

  • Joined as Lecturer in Dakshin Kamrup College, Mirza on 28th October, 2000 till present.
  • Worked as Research Fellow in WWF-Traffic Indian Network in N.E India on project entitled “ To conduct audits of Indian stock of Asian Elephant Ivory and Asian One Horned Rhinocerous Horns and Products” under the guidance of Ms. Rajashree Sharma, Research Officer, PCCF, Rehabari, Guwahati for a period of 2 years starting from June 2000.
  • Appointed as Observer for NEET Exam, JEE (Main) Examination and AIPMT Examinations in Guwahati City.

Training/Workshop/Conferences Attended: 08
Training/Workshop/Conferences Organized: 07
Seminar Attended: 05
Seminar Organised: 03
Research publications: 03
Books /Book Chapter: 02
Research projects executed: 01

Dr. Gargi Chakravarty

Department: Botany
Designation: Associate Prof.
Specialization: Microbiology
Academic Achievements

  • Qualified in CSIR-UGC NET (Lectureship) in Life Sciences
  • Awarded Ph. D in Biotechnology by Gauhati University in 2011.
  • Recipient of UGC Research Fellowship in Science for Meritorious students (now called UGC BSR Fellowship in Sciences for Students) and NEC Merit Scholarship during PhD course
  • PhD work on: Microbial biopesticide
  • Title of Thesis: Pseudomonas fluorescens based management of Bacterial Wilt of Brinjal caused by Ralstonia solanacearum (Smith) Yabuuchi et al.
  • No. of Conferences where presented papers (2012-2016): Seven (All National Seminars)
  • No. of Published Research Papers in International Journals (Till 2016): Four
  • No. of Published Research Papers in Conference Proceedings (Till 2016): Two
  • Principal Investigator of UGC Minor Research Project (2015-17) titled: Study of the production of biogas from fruit and vegetable wastes through anaerobic digestion process.
  • Chapter in Book (till 2016): One
  • Editor of Book (till 2016): One (Conference Proceeding)

Co-curricular and Extension Work

  • Acted as Coordinator of UGC sponsored National Seminar titled “Bioprospecting of gene pool: Trends and Prospects in North East India” organized by Dept. of Botany in collaboration with Botanical Society of Assam in 2015 in D.K College.
  • Involved in extension work related to science awareness as member of NGO associated with educational promotion
  • Acted as speaker in Talks on Environment awareness.

Other Information

  • Life Member of Assam Science Society, Botanical Society of Assam
  • Participated in Workshops and Training Programmes in Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology
  • Attended Orientation Programme and Refresher Course

Sumi Das

Designation: Assistant Professor (Cont.)
Educational Qualification: M.Sc (Botany)
Specialization: Mycology and Plant Pathology
Academic Interest: Interested in doing work in areas concerning Plant diseases.