Examination and attendance Rules

Examination and Attendance Rules:
 All students must appear in all the examinations conducted by the college during an academic year.
 There will be 4 Unit Tests or sessional exams. in an academic session and presence in each Unit Test or sessional exam is mandatory for all students. 20% of marks secured in the Unit Test will be added in the Final examination. Those who do not appear in the Unit Test will not be allowed to appear in the Final examination.
 Attendance in class is compulsory for all. A student should attend at least 75% of classes held, failing which he/she shall be declared non-collegiate and those failing to attend 60% of the classes will be declared dis-collegiate.
 Non-collegiate students will forfeit the benefit of Scholarship. Dis-collegiate students will not be allowed to appear in final examinations or promoted to the next higher class.