Important Information to Guardians

Important Information to Guardians
  • Guardians should kindly cooperate with the college authority in ensuring an effective education for their wards. This can be done by—(a) Providing adequate facilities for study at home. (b) Providing not only text books on time but also other books, periodicals and newspapers as far as possible. (c) Assisting them in their studies at home and removing deficiencies where needed. (d) By controlling the viewing times of T.V. and Videos.
  • Guardians should ensure that their wards return home in proper time.
  • Guardians must ensure that their wards come in proper college uniform and are dressed neatly from the very beginning of the session. No excuse in this respect will be entertained.
  • They are requested not to visit any teacher or their wards in the classrooms directly. In case of urgency the Principal or the office may be contacted.
  • Parents are always welcome to the college to assess the progress of their wards. They should first contact the office of the Principal or the concerned departments.
  • Guardians should ensure that their wards attend classes regularly.
  • Guardians are requested not to send their wards to college when suffering from infectious diseases. Leave application along with the medical certificate should be furnished later.
  • In order to ensure fellow feeling among student’s guardians are requested not to provide expensive things such as gold ornaments, excessive money, costly electronic items etc. to their wards.
  • . Guardians should check the uniform and other accompanying materials of the students regularly so that they do not carry any of the prohibited or objectionable materials.
  • They are requested to see that their wards do not violate the rules and regulations of the college.
  • The institution has a one to one relationship with each guardian. Any form of collective pressurisation on the college authority on any issue- inciting other guardians or other forms of coercive tactics- will not be entertained.