Library Bye Laws

In addition to Departmental Seminar Libraries, there is a well-equipped Central Library in the college. At present there are 49,451 books and 25 different journals in the Library. Also there are Eight Nos. of Daily Newspapers-Assamese and English. Every year a considerable portion of fund is earmarked for subscription of new journals and purchase of latest publications. The Library has a spacious reading room. Moreover, the Digitisation process of the library has been completed. The college library is also a member of INFLIBNET, promoted by Govt. of India. Recently a ‘United Nation’s Reading Centre’ has also been set up in the College.

Library By Laws

  • No transaction will be made without Identity Card. Identity Card shall not be transferable.
  • Two Library cards will be issued to each student for an academic session. Students having, major subject, will get two additional cards.
  • One book will be issued against each card.
  • If the book is not returned before stipulated time limit, a penalty of Rs. 0.50 will be imposed per day per book up to 15 days and thereafter it will be increased to Rs. 1.00 per day.
  • At the time of receipt of a book any existing damage should be brought to the notice of the library staff and signature has to be obtained. Otherwise user shall be held responsible.
  • In case a book is lost, either it should be replaced by a new copy or by paying double the cost of the book.
  • If requisitioned book is not available, on the day of claim, the student may register his/her claim. It will be issued as soon as it is available based on the serial order of claimants.
  • After claiming, if a student is absent for 3 days, his/her demanded book will be issued to the next claimant.
  • The borrower shall return all the Library books along with their Library Cards 7 days before the commencement of each and every semester (TDC) and final (H.S. 1st & 2nd) examinations. Students must receive Library clearance certificate to receive Admit Cards.
  • For duplicate Library Card a fine of Rs. 50.00 will be charged.
  • Library rules are displayed on the Library Notice Board. Any student violating the rules will be debarred from the library services.
  • . The decision of the college authority in all these matters are final and binding.