The T.D.C. course shall have six semesters covering three calendar years.

 1st, 3rd and 5th semesters (including exams.)- July 16th – December 31st.

 2nd, 4th and 6th semesters (including exams.)- January 2nd – July 15th.

 Semester break 1st July – 31st July. Students’ performance will be      monitored throughout the semester by continuous assessment in the theory and practical courses. Evaluation of the student’s performance in each of the theory and practical papers will be based on the following:

Internal evaluation – 20% marks

External evaluation – 80% marks

 Internal evaluation will be done based on sessional examinations, home assignments, seminars and library work.

 External evaluation will be done through a final examination at the end of the semester.

 The pass mark in each theory paper is 30% and that in each practical paper is 40%.

 In each paper the student must secure pass mark in both internal and external evaluation separately.

 A student who could not appear or failed in any semester exam will be allowed to clear the same as follows:

(a) First semester with the regular Third semester examination.
(b) Second semester with the regular Fourth semester examination.
(c) Third with the regular Fifth semester examination.